The act of using an inappropriate source or citation when writing a document.
When you're supposed to write a scholarly, scintific document for some academic institution but instead you write it based on opinion. You would use a pseudo-citation by citing a random book or website to make it look like you did research.
by DesPERRYado November 9, 2004
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Introduced in 1980, the Citation was a compact car that replaced the Nova. It was also Chevy's first Front Wheel Drive car. Engines offered were 6 or 4 cyls. The car proved to be problematic and was recalled numerous times, leading to it's demise in 1985. I'm sure no one misses them, as the styling was boring.
The Chevy Citation was a step up from a Chevette, but still being a cheap car with horrible steering and cheap interiors. A total embarrssment for GM.
by Metalhead83 January 11, 2012
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That crap piece of paper you get on the windshield of your car parking in downtown areas of most inner cities if you don’t feed the meter or move your car every two hrs to a designated new street at certain giving times of the day. Time to spread some butter.:::: Beats the hell out of that $40-$75-$120 ticket for parking Vio’s;)

Revised version of parking Citations:
We should randomly go around putting these Motoring Citations on peoples cars and see how it fucks with the stiffs and cases. Spread some Buttery Fly’ cheer. Writing some one up does not instantly make you a goody two shoes or do gooder. In fact we are contributing to the “collective good,” as far as motoring karma goes. The real Citations’ I can make copies of look authentic and better than this written version

Cit# 3061580 Month: date: Year:

Time: Mimi__4*4__SUV__COUPE__SEDAN__CoNV__CycLE___OTHER__
License #______ State___ Vehicle Color____

____1:::Nice parking –- A good parking job is one of those things in life that is rarely rewarded, but greatly appreciated. Words cannot express how glad we are that you resisted the temptation to double park. Please, except this thank you from the rest of the known motoring world.
____2::::Wash Me--Congratulations. Your car is absolutely filthy. This means you have really enjoyed motoring to the fullest sense of the word. Keep up the good work.
___3:::Sweet wheels-- You are to be commended on your choice of wheels. Wheels say so much about the car’s owner. Reflects originality, and understanding of flair for creativity and bold commitments to driving something that doesn’t look like every other car on the road. Kudo’s.
___4::: Great Bumper Sticker-- Humor is important, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. Without it, we’d all just be getting from point A to point B. But you took the time to change that. And never mentioned once that you’re an honors student, thanks for that.
___5:::Thanks for going Topless-- You’re motoring convertible the way it was meant to be done: Open trusted the world not to rob you blind. And that’s special.
___6::: Nice custom—Obviously you’ve put a lot of work into your car. Your paint is hot. Your wheels are the shizzle. Well done. Every one loves an original.
___7:::Have a nice day-- People often use salutations but don’t really mean it. In fact, some uniformed peacekeepers mean the exact OPPOSITE. This is not our intention. Honestly, we just want your day to be pleasant and enjoyable. No strings attached.
___8:::Nice MUD—Wow, you actually took your SUV off the road. Very cool keep it up.
Motoring Citations O sarcasm;)
by KellzkbellsOluvinB February 9, 2010
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The single most pointless addition to Urban Dictionary. On a site where people rant about how gay something is, why is "proof" required? Give me a fucking break. This isn't exactly a website you'd cite on an English essay, stop that shit.
now whenever someone writes about how shitty Lil Wayne is, they get a "citation needed", as if that actually needs more proof
by redillious April 2, 2011
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Citation Oversight is weasel wording for admission of plagiarism. It is a cowardly way of admitting plagiarism by professors in top-ranked universities who have purloined ideas from others, but a claim of 'citation oversight' as opposed to an admission of plagiarism protects the professors from being fired from their jobs. Note that this protection mechanism is a privilege which is available only to White Professors and Black professors who plagiarize will be promptly fired from their jobs.
Q: Dude, did you hear about the plagiarism charge against Prof. McD of the ivy league university who lifted ideas from a newspaper? A: Yeah, he was a White guy and so the university officials declared it a case of 'citation oversight' and let him off.
by enviroscientist September 2, 2020
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Its as good as a fact. Nobody should question this.
"Oh, Zachary is a definite cunt. Citation not needed."
by TheMonkOfWesteros September 24, 2017
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The Cessna Citation X is the fastest flying commercial business jet. At the cost of just 22 million USD, one can plant their butt at 35,000 feet and fly at Mach .92 (About 700mph). 2 crew, 8-12 passengers with a jump seat, and mid to long-ranged. You're lucky to ride in one of these jets.
Hey man, you ever ridden in a Cessna Citation X?

Nah man, I had to settle for that wimpy III...
by Oobio August 14, 2011
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