When a writer attaches footnotes to a footnote (i.e., uses toenotes) but, due to inbreeding, the number of toenotes used is not equal to five.
Rather than opting for Chicago style, MLA, or APA, she defaulted to West Virginia citation style.
by Roger Cooper June 24, 2016
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Citationeers are the kind of people who cry out for citations every time their point is being attacked for no good reason other than to overwhelm their opponent with a burden of proof instead of researching the information themselves.
T: I think traps are gay

Smartie pants: Where’s your proof? I see none so I guess you’re just shitposting and need to gtfo. I need this much scientific evidence for me to believe your claim otherwise you’re retarded and a burden to the smart individuals like I.
T: shit l, we got ourselves a fellow citationeer.
by SirWav April 20, 2018
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Free (-dom) Growth
after my Citats phase, I felt free
by Ancient B August 5, 2021
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What a member of da "area's finest" --- especially one who never did too well in grammar-school --- finds himself faced with when trying to scribble out a summons-to-appear slip involving people/objects/locales with less-than-common names.
News flash --- Flustered MPs at da local naval-base encountered a major citation-spelling nightmare this evening when trying to write up a PECCARY who had committed da PECCADILLO of illegally entering da ARMORY and engaging in a PECKADILLO with an ARMADILLO dat it met there.
by QuacksO January 9, 2020
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