Citationeers are the kind of people who cry out for citations every time their point is being attacked for no good reason other than to overwhelm their opponent with a burden of proof instead of researching the information themselves.
T: I think traps are gay

Smartie pants: Where’s your proof? I see none so I guess you’re just shitposting and need to gtfo. I need this much scientific evidence for me to believe your claim otherwise you’re retarded and a burden to the smart individuals like I.
T: shit l, we got ourselves a fellow citationeer.
by SirWav April 20, 2018
What a member of da "area's finest" --- especially one who never did too well in grammar-school --- finds himself faced with when trying to scribble out a summons-to-appear slip involving people/objects/locales with less-than-common names.
News flash --- Flustered MPs at da local naval-base encountered a major citation-spelling nightmare this evening when trying to write up a PECCARY who had committed da PECCADILLO of illegally entering da ARMORY and engaging in a PECKADILLO with an ARMADILLO dat it met there.
by QuacksO January 9, 2020
Its as good as a fact. Nobody should question this.
"Oh, Zachary is a definite cunt. Citation not needed."
by TheMonkOfWesteros September 24, 2017
Free (-dom) Growth
after my Citats phase, I felt free
by Ancient B August 5, 2021