A gentleman , who's unique . . Once he loves, he loves with his all with no doubt . He would risk his life for you. He has an amazing personality with the most loving heart ever . He'll always be your shoulder to cry on and your extra ear to listen no matter what. He would never judge you . And his the super hero every girl would love to have .
Mohammed is a kind and generous gentleman
by Limyy January 29, 2018
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Someone smart and powerful Its also the name of the last prophet
hey that guy scored 100% in the exam no wonder his name is Mohammed
by Egyptian December 30, 2017
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Mohammed is a really Fun a Lovable person he has a nice personality, A lot of good ideas and He’s really hot And gets all the Femals And loves Sports
by Kaley king January 6, 2018
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Just a sexy man that is handsome, amazing, kind, and smart.

He is every girls dream boy to have. He is funny, caring, and overall a cool guy to hangout with.
Mohammed is Sooo amazing dude!
by Thatkid6969 December 3, 2018
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Mohammed is a Somalian shmuck whos hairline ran away
I know Mohammed isn’t mafia, but I say we vote him out cause his hairline is distracting
by Momos hairline November 4, 2019
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Mohammed the most sexiest guy ever. He'll steal ur girl in less than a second. Hes the worlds smartest kid. He loves all his friends so much. He always has his friends back and would fight anyone who would talk shit abt them. Mohammed is always horny and overall the sexiest man alive with a big dick. You would be the luckiest person in the world if you have a Mohammed in ur life. And last but not least hes tall as fuck.
Jeff: yh bro hide ur girl asap or else he'll steal her
*Mohammed comes and steals Jimmys girl*
Mohammed: Sorry bro😉
by MrStealUrGirl21 June 12, 2020
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Absolute fucking badass
The embodiment of Mr Steal Your Girl
Has Big Dick
His mere presence makes women wet
1: bro watch your girl, Mohammeds around
2: OK thanks bro
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