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A gentleman , who's unique . . Once he loves, he loves with his all with no doubt . He would risk his life for you. He has an amazing personality with the most loving heart ever . He'll always be your shoulder to cry on and your extra ear to listen no matter what. He would never judge you . And his the super hero every girl would love to have .
Mohammed is a kind and generous gentleman
by Limyy January 29, 2018
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Someone smart and powerful Its also the name of the last prophet
hey that guy scored 100% in the exam no wonder his name is Mohammed
by Egyptian December 30, 2017
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Mohammed is a really Fun a Lovable person he has a nice personality, A lot of good ideas and He’s really hot And gets all the Femals And loves Sports
by Kaley king January 05, 2018
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mohammed is a handsome guy,who likes to crack jokes.Any girl who gets him will be the luckiest person in the world.He will make your day wonderful.
thats mohammed
by blablabo January 25, 2018
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Mohammed is a sexiest and hottest man that you will ever meet. He is usually a savage and is very buff. If you try to roast him it will not go good for you. TRUST ME!!!!!
by Tipicallolz January 10, 2018
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50% av befolkningen i förorterna väster om Stockholm
Person 1: Eyyyy Mohammed!
Halva orten: Va äre bror?
by Gais May 11, 2015
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Just a sexy man that is handsome, amazing, kind, and smart.

He is every girls dream boy to have. He is funny, caring, and overall a cool guy to hangout with.
Mohammed is Sooo amazing dude!
via giphy
by Thatkid6969 December 03, 2018
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