Ignorant parents are people who are unaware of how their behavior affects their own children.

First, parenting is behavior that is suited to train children into capable people, discipline them so they know how to navigate society, and help them grow into successful human beings. This can be done in many ways including having a mutually respectful relationship with children, helping them cultivate common sense and critical thinking to see why common sense makes sense, and helping them build their own problem-solving skills.
Ignorant parents are not knowledgeable about how to parent ethically.
Again, there are many ways to raise children, but the best results usually come from smart parenting.
Children who receive smart parenting feel good about themselves and their families, they are confident about their own decisions and they know that their parents did their best.
Ignorant parenting can leave children in the dust of their peers and eventually, under dirt.

Being an Ignorant Parent involves:
- ignoring simple yet powerful child rearing techniques from authoritative works like the Bible, Quran, or Torah
- ignoring useful theories in child (developmental) psychology
- ignoring the history of raising children
- Being intellectually lazy when dealing with children
- Being insensitive to the general nature of children
- Being insensitive to or irresponsible for the needs of children
Jacob: why is Johnny cursing out the waiter? What a dick!
Gussac: oh, that's because his dad curses out waiters whenever he doesn't get what he wants. He told Johnny that waiters are inhuman and that they should be yelled at.
Jacob: ... like father like son, I guess.
Gassac: Yes. They both are huge dicks.

Hepa: My mom doesn't want me to attend a free communication workshop to work on good conversation techniques. I really want to be a fluent conversationalist.
Crystal: What!? That's an important skill to have! Is she nuts?
Hepa: No... she might not realize how important it is for my future career.
Crystal: An ignorant parent?
Hepa: Not sure...

ignorant parents ?
by gotmurc June 28, 2016
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A person who responsibly teaches a young person to abide by the rules yet breaks rules to fit their criteria.
My ignorant parent made my derby car instead of me to increase the chances that I may win a prize.
by HunkyBeat March 25, 2022
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