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Maori Name For New Zealand

Means The Land Of The Long White Cloud
by Jellyphant July 30, 2003
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1. Kiwifruit - The original name given to the furry brown fruit with either traditional green or tropical yellow flesh, grown in NZ and exported worldwide.

2.Kiwifruit - Slang for A gay guy who comes from New Zealand

1. Kiwifruit are 99c per Kg at the local supermarket.

2. I'm A Kiwifruit
by Jellyphant July 25, 2003
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New Zealand (Excluding Auckland)slang for the bastards that live in Auckland.
That person needs to learn how to drive, or maybee they're a Jafa!
by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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American practice of Barbaric Mutilation Of A Healthy Boys Genitals with a sharp instrument, Causing unknown pain at the time and anger later in life when they realise they have been robbed of the most sensitve part of the male body.
Risky Surgery that can leave the penis smaller, bent or even disfigured.
I Have a friend who had the head of his penis sliced by a doctor during Circumcision - ouch.

A lot of American boys I talk to are upset that their parents had circumcision performed on them at birth for no apparently credible reason.

by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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Deoderant thats been in English speaking countries since the 90's and just made it to America in the Naughties labled Axe,

Warning Wearing too much of it will make everybody in the room vomit or pass out especially if its a real bad scent.
In my experience Lynx J*&* attracts the girls Haahaahahaa It's Mine all Mine.
by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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That small Country city in the middle of nowhere, Somewhere around South Central Kansas Referred to on the map as Wichita
Oh great we are moving to Wit-shitter
by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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