A barbaric deevolving caveman act, with roots to virgin sacrifices.
Circumcision is so utterly foolish, that even how they circumcisioned, was retarted. It would be much less senseless, to remove skin at the base of the penis, permanently retracting the foreskin, then carefully reconnecting the veins arteries nerves etc., but knowing that much is better to just leave it all there.
#10, on the bottom of page 1 here, has a circumcision joke about short sighted got the sack, but that is not a joke: http://www.circumstitions.com /Restric/Botched4ga.html
Connect the space to work the link, again note the bottom of the page.
Doctors aren't helping there but to pass down an initiation and a revenge of sorts, so they are homophobic and lazy about really considering it, much like when they call STD's merely cists or zits, instead of treating it like a cancer and taking it out.
Lord's higher science requires a light shined from the heart, to help us see over the devil's dimmer deceptions. If the devil tried to say that circ. prevents masturbation or STD's, then consider the Lord's true truth may be opposite. How does circumcision beget masturbation? A pattern of oppression where the young man hasn't the right to keep his anatomy complete and to himself, then by the time he is horny he is still no where near having the right to marry in a manner which is due or timely, if not married he will masturbate. This covers the other issue as well, if not allowed to marry among other relative evolutionary advancement in time, they will fornicate in filthy irresponsible patterns, which will contract them STD's.
Then devil conspires: But young brides are too small to have their vaginas ripped open by a baby just yet, and young men do not want to marry yet (they want to be players and pimps).
Then Lord may assign a wise human for them to reply: That is why I have created to evolve you with the wisdom given your current human population at present, to consider the most unmutating and safe forms of birth control possible. Also, they are of a lower paradigm that needs to be ascended and shifted, it is easy for them to cop an excuse that they do not want to do what they don't even know they should have the right to do.
by Informant August 03, 2006
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An operation often done to boys at birth (or at least before puberty). Not necessary for health (as long as the guy is clean) or sexual pleasure, and no great aesthetic improvement. De rigeur among some communities, usually for religious reasons.

Probably something that a grown man should decide to have done to himself, as opposed to something that a little boy's parents decide to have done to him.
"What are your views on circumcision?"
"I have none...but I won't do it to any son of mine."
by Qit February 27, 2004
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Circumcision, is so evil, it may have been better defined by Hitler. It is a verb or noun, if about an existing absence, it is either the or the act of causing a circumscar to form.
The devil killed the mangod and wrote bad deception in an otherwise meant well bible, of verses and versus, it is meant to cure itself when finally rewritten correctly. The arrested development regarding retarded since babies and in teaching them how to read, such as the commandment(s): Thou shall not kill/steal the foreskin.
Titus 1:12 perhaps 1:16 in the bible, explains lying in vain if to circumcision, and sais that all else attempted in such a society or world, is somehow off and incorrect given a pattern of such foolishness. Core rules adhere to, "judge not less ye".., take out of the bible that falsity.
Bush who harbors circumterror, thus was off the mark (of the beast) with his Iraq attack.
by Joven July 30, 2006
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To have sex with others without being unfaithful to your true heart, as the connecting flowing feelings are not of real when to compare with your real heartfelt lover.
Controlling the flowing love through circumcision, the veins disconnect the heart from the sexual tension you may gain for wanting sex with someone else.
by Long Johns January 15, 2012
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Something that should never ever be attempted whilst drunk
my friend was sliced up quite badly by a botched circumcision. Then his girlfriend left him
by Jinzaki May 31, 2005
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Horrible and usually unnecessary surgical practice in which some of the most sensitive parts of the penis (foreskin and frenulum) are cut off, leaving the now exposed head to desensitize. It's limited potential benifits in most cases don't outweight the losses. The procedure decreases sexual pleasure for the man and woman during intercourse. It was popularized in the 1800's and recommended as a cure for masturbation by so-called medical professionals. It is most commonly performed in US hospitals to helpless infants. It was derived from a similar procedure which Jews and Muslims observe as a religious rite.
Neonatal circumcision is a American money making medical scam that is not endorsed by any medical organization worldwide. The myth of it having medical benifits was a lure to get so many people to do it. Now that most Americans are circumcised, they want their boys to look like them so they have them circumcised for no reason too.
by Kurt91 May 07, 2005
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Removal of the foreskin. Rumored to enhance sexual pleasure but proven false...if anything, it decreases sexual pleasure because the penis head becomes less sensitive(of the constant rubbing of your pants).
There's no point in a circumcision. If you do it because you think it's cleaner, then your a lazy ass who can't simply pull some skin back while showering.
by Bobby De Niro December 04, 2004
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