the foreskin(euphemistic)
Be gentle with your turtleneck.
by The Return of Light Joker August 17, 2008
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a sweater with an extra long neck to cover those hickies
Did you see Karen's wearing a turtleneck??

In July?! She must be hiding lovebites!
by angelofrelevance April 29, 2020
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What uncircumsized French men call their sheath. Also can be referred to as a skin sweater.
"You guys will need coats, but I won't, I've got on my turtleneck"
by Straci September 6, 2007
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When yo bustin 4 a shit so bad that the log is popping in and out of ur anus, often leaving brown dabs on your underwear
I knew i shoulda had a shit before going to the movies i was turtlenecking for 2 hours and couldnt concentrate!
by simo1981 April 19, 2008
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a type of shirt worn by either men or women and can show actual size of womens breast as it doesn't hide or minimize the breast so for plus sized women or big breast women you'll be a mans eye candy and your fully clothed
by todd thiner1 January 12, 2010
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when you rip off the top of a condom so it is just covering your shaft, while the head gets free reign to bust a nut anywhere. typically used to maximize pleasure and plant your seed without the girl's consent.
"I turtlenecked that bitch last night dog. Planted that seed no doubt!"
by The Greek Gods April 17, 2007
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