A homemade device for smoking pot (AKA marijuana) that consists of a plastic bottle with the wide end cut off and a plastic bag attached in its place. Smoke is drawn in through the top using a bowl or foil paper while the user pulls the bag down allowing the device to fill with smoke. The user then removes the bowl from the top and proceeds to inhale the smoke contained.

Generally, this type of smoking apparatus is used by smokers who, for one reason or another (generally, youth or noobishness) does not posess skills in rolling joints or another smoking method (ie: pipe, bong)

This is also known as a lung
14 year old: "Hey, you guys ever smoke POT?"
Other 14 year olds: "No..."
14 Year old: "Ok, let's smoke some out of my chute, watch out for the tin foil, it hurts your lungs after a while"
Other 14 year olds: "Oh boy!"
by doktorfunk September 30, 2005
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Verb. Created by dailygrace

The better version of planking. Instead of being straight when doing said action you act as if you are parachuting.
1: Hey wanna go to target?!
2: only if we 'Chute while we are there!

1: Duh!
by EverydayImgracefacin July 22, 2011
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A pipe, slide or chamber used for transporting goods or garbage from one side of a building to another.
hey! let's take a ride in the laundry chute!

hey check the garbage chute. i think it's clogged
by [c0x0r] November 12, 2003
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Abbreviation of prostitute. Prosti-chute
Going Dam, gonna get a couple of chutes.
by RyFX October 25, 2012
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Chute is pretty much the equivalent of cute. It is meant to be said in a kind of high pitched lispy voice. The word is pronounced with the "u" drawn out.
That dress looks so chute on you!
by Suzy December 7, 2004
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A person that is cute but chubby
that girl is cute but she is kinda chubby.

instead she is chute both cute and chubby.
by Adam caraballo December 7, 2007
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