West Indians tend to remove the "Tr" in words, and replace it with "Ch" in some cases.
The Caribbean slang "Chute" means "Truth".


Ah e chute me ah tell yuh- It is the truth I'm telling you.

Words beginning with "Tr" in Caribbean creole:

Truck- Chuck

Treasure- Cheasure

Tread- Chead/Ched'

Trade- Chade
by Destiny-K September 20, 2023
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On the water chute my Chute got full of water.
Take that up the chute!
by Major_Munge May 24, 2011
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The nickname for fans of the band Parachute
Yeah it was awesome! I'm a total chute for life!
by loveyoux333 January 11, 2011
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This words comes from the late 1800's and was the description of a japanese leg monkey ususally called frank the 8th of march. When The long light reaches the sumit of mount etna in spain then moogey limbo's will breakdance on polar ice caps to find bill leg toast in the phone book where little lambs from new york live.
Check out my chute its full of lemony gems
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When an individual lays on their stomach and pretends that they are parachuting.
I was chuting last night just for Daily Grace.
by erunks July 31, 2011
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A homemade device for smoking pot (AKA marijuana) that consists of a plastic bottle with the wide end cut off and a plastic bag attached in its place. Smoke is drawn in through the top using a bowl or foil paper while the user pulls the bag down allowing the device to fill with smoke. The user then removes the bowl from the top and proceeds to inhale the smoke contained.

Generally, this type of smoking apparatus is used by smokers who, for one reason or another (generally, youth or noobishness) does not posess skills in rolling joints or another smoking method (ie: pipe, bong)

This is also known as a lung
14 year old: "Hey, you guys ever smoke POT?"
Other 14 year olds: "No..."
14 Year old: "Ok, let's smoke some out of my chute, watch out for the tin foil, it hurts your lungs after a while"
Other 14 year olds: "Oh boy!"
by doktorfunk September 30, 2005
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-When you are extremely tired and have absolutely no more energy

Michael; Bro, I'm so chuted after that suuuuck chest session!
Ahmad Banchod; Oh bro you need you take some yachet!
Michael; I will cuz..
by Rukmini February 12, 2011
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