22 definitions by [c0x0r]

Where's laurence? oh, he's off lkaying some trees
by [c0x0r] October 18, 2003
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describing a current event, or posession, as sucking
by [c0x0r] March 23, 2005
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see lkay

has sex with trees alot
<Laurence-CC> I like to fuck trees, goats and sheep
by [c0x0r] August 10, 2004
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A poorly drawn DOS-based game. the object is to help a dude named Richard get pussy. it's so easy even an infant could beat it in 15 minutes
I've beat that game at least 20 times now.
by [c0x0r] July 27, 2004
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what lkay likes
nice goat drew, do you mind if I fuck it?
by [c0x0r] October 23, 2003
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