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considered to be the best soccer player in the world. His real name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, when he started his soccer career with Brazil, the team decided to call him Ronaldinho Gaucho, which soon became Ronaldinho.Ronaldinho was born in Porto Algere, Brazil on March 21, 1980. Ronaldinho was born the youngest of 3. His brother Roberto and his father joao were both amature soccer players. Roberto signed pro but his career ended early due to injury. Ronaldinho's father died when he was 8 because of a heart attack in the family's pool. Ronaldinho became very interested in beach soccer, also commonly known as futsol. Soon a scout saw him playing on the beach with his friends and quickly signed him to Barcelona. After being on the Barcelona team for 2 years Brazil signed him to the national team. Ronaldinho now has 1 son, joao (named after his father) and is making 30 million dollars a year. Whenever media asks him how it feels to be the best he says " I don't feel that I am any better than my teamates on brazil, or barcelona, I just feel like i'm on the beach of Porto Algere trying my best to make myself feel accomplished"
male soccer fan 1: wow that Ronaldinho is really good!
male soccer fan 2: too bad he probley dosent get any girls, i mean look at those teeth
male soccer fan 1: he's making 30 million a year, he can pay for a little somethin somethin if you know what I mean
male soccer fan 2: haha yeah, if I was making 30 million a year i know what i'd be spendin it on....
by Suzy June 17, 2006
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Chute is pretty much the equivalent of cute. It is meant to be said in a kind of high pitched lispy voice. The word is pronounced with the "u" drawn out.
That dress looks so chute on you!
by Suzy December 8, 2004
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Members of the Republican Party, believed to once be a cult, they try to demolish the States and the rest of the world with the following:

a) pushing christian beliefs on the country
b) eating BBQ
c) funding "the Passion of the Christ"
d) starting wars for no reasons
e) starting wars to distract the country from other terrorists
f) etc.
a) Marriage is supposed to between a man and a woman!
-translates to-
Those fashionable homosexuals laughed at my boots in highschool! Revenge!
b) Lets watch the e-lek-ti-un coverage whiles we eats us some BBQ at Mom's!
c) godgodgod
d) Well... Dat guy... Saddam... He's one bad mother fucker. Lets go kill peoples and SMOKE 'IM OUT.
e) Osama?
by Suzy November 14, 2004
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"All hail Sir Garian, lord of all that is slow and inhibited!"
by Suzy February 26, 2003
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A term generally used to describe a person trying to hop on the goth band wagon. Spooky kids usually:
a) Follow the "nu-metal" trend, i.e., slipknot, korn, marilyn manson
b) shop at Hot Topic
c) try to combine goth and punk into one horrible labeling fiasco
d) worship the devil, think they have magic powers (see fluff)
e) think they are vampirees, demons, werewolves, and tell children at school this
f) are commericial cutters
g) fancy the name 'raven'
h) think pink and black is gothic/punk
i) there's more but I'm sure you get it

(see moron for details)
Spooky Kid 1: Hey, Raven, I just tried to commit suicide after my parents wouldn't let me buy that pink and black saftey pin skirt at Hot Topic that cost a bajillion dollars! Wanna see the scars?
Spooky Kid 2: -Sigh- Life sucks. Whats the point. -Sigh- I cut a pentacle into my arm last night.
by Suzy November 14, 2004
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god i want to have lebian sex
by Suzy November 29, 2004
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