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Verb-to churt(two smoke, chill, and smoke)

Churt is the derivative of 430. It was made so that adults wouldnt know what we were talking about.
today i asked evdawgs if he wanted to churt. he replied by saying that he was chursty.
by peee peeeooooo July 31, 2009
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A large frozen faece used for sexual pleasure (see churting).
Dude 1: Are you hanging a turd in there Bro?
Dude 2: Fuck off and leave me alone mate.
Dude 1: Can I check out your pile Bro?
Dude 2: Why?
Dude 1: My missus is horny and I need a Churt.
Dude 2: Well your in luck, I just passed the biggest brown baton you have ever seen!
Dude 1: Sweet! I'm gonna make her scream tonight!
by Stifler69 October 03, 2012
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A small whiny fart sound, describing a complete motard that nobody likes because he/she's gayer than fuck.
"Look at Churt. Can't you see he's just a turt?"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
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