A chat message (IRC, AIM, Google Talk, etc) typo for 'truth' or 'true'.
Person 1: the guy is clearly incompetent
Person 2: turt

by DKLONE June 28, 2007
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a sound a butt makes therefore someone that is called that deserves to be considered a stupid ass.
"What a turt!"
by Your Mother's arse August 26, 2008
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a female who's face and body language resembles a turtle.

"Look theres Turts!"
"AWW You had sex with Turts!"
by NPSS February 15, 2009
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A little kid just leaving the toddler stage. They can walk but haven’t mastered it yet. Turt is masculine only, it cannot be used to define a little girl. The feminine version may be submitted if this gets accepted.
That little turt doesn’t have to worry about anything.

That’s one of the most adorable turts I’ve ever seen.

I’ve got several turts back at home.
by Kid Uzis April 17, 2020
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