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urban exploration but specifically exploring drains or pipes. Generally these drains carry only stormwater and not sewage.
"Hey man the sky looks clear tonight, do ya wanna go draining?"

"Don't go draining, you'll be raped by the Cave Clan!"
by phunk-melbcaveclan March 02, 2004
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Draining (v)- The act of pouring the drain cleaner Drano into the anus to achieve a state of euphoria akin to other psychoactive drugs.
I was so fucked up after draining last night.
by Dranoboii November 15, 2010
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When a dude wanks too many times in one day.
Eddie: Brad you ok?, ya look zombified

Brad: Man I've been draining big time, gotta lay off the porn for awhile
by calypto234324 November 06, 2009
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