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Used as a term to describe when one has received less than they paid for. Most people do not realize it's a racist term that stems from nomadic 'gypsies' who are stereotyped as theiving criminals.
"Man, look at your glass. You got gypped on the Coke."
by arecks July 18, 2004
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A slang word that someone uses when they feel they havent gotten theyre moneys worth or if they have been riped off.

it comes from Gypsies who used to rip people off back in the day, it is used simulary to the expression ``ive been jewed``
-yo how much did you pay for that 8th?
-shit son you got gypped.
by jeaaa August 09, 2006
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to rip off; based on the gypsies way of life. Some retards would say this is racist, however these clots have never met a gypsy in theyre life. Truth is not racist, mkay?
"Finally got a zippo, only cost me 60 bucks."

"Damlol, you got gypped, i got the same model for 10 dollars at K-mart"
by The Walnurt October 10, 2013
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