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An attractive male, usually with nice chiseled abs and a very sexy tan.
Even though hes a math teacher, Mr Richards sure is a hunk
by w00tw00t February 16, 2004
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Extremely Hot Male Model.
Usually Tanned, Built, Tall, And Poses In Underwear.
Look at that hunk posing in that underwear advertisement!
by clarke August 09, 2004
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A subculture that combines the ethos of the hippie movement with the philosophies of the punk rock movement. Experimentalism and improvisation are the trademarks that make up this group. Psychedelic explorations with all of the self-governed individuality that defines life experience.
Paul has become a hunker, I guess it's safe to say he likes to take LSD and listen to Bad Brains.
by Keith Courage June 23, 2011
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a sexually attractive man, especially a strong one who's short but funky. Better known as JBL
Damn my daddy JBL is a hunk!
by Eriiica September 16, 2017
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1. high and drunk
2. drunk and high
3. guy with a hott body
1. Man I was so hunk last night.
2. Man I'm getting so hunk tonight.
3. Look, that guy is such a hunk.
by alicia summer July 31, 2005
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