A beautiful and extraordinary girl. Very vibrant and fun. She's a kind of girl that comes off to people as mean and a bitch but is actually very nice. She tries to be good but people keep getting on her nerves. She's a jealous person but hardly shows it. She can dance although she prefers singing. She has a beautiful smile and loves it when people compliment it. She's seen as a player but is actually very faithful. She is a humanitarian. She doesn't really like her friends because she thinks their fake. A Helga can hardly ever come by so when you find one better hold her close because she's the best friend, girlfriend you could ever ask for. If you ever want to be weird she'll always be weird with you
Who's that beauty? Oh that's my friend Helga
by your Queendom August 3, 2018
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A germanic name for a rare type of females who should be kept away form people. Their hideous personalities scares away most people, and their sense of humour is to be frowned upon. Their love for dogs is due to captivity, since they can be on a leash, they can not escape. Helga is always blonde due to a chemical reaction from their heart being black as coal. Anyone who spends time talking with a Helga is either paid by the government to keep track of them, otherwise they're a sick bastard. If a Helga is interested in birds, it is a super Helga, this is of course the worst type of Helga. Their interest in birds is a side effect of their fantasies about crashing planes into buildings with large crowds of people. It is believed that the terrorists who caused 9/11 was a small group of Helgas.
"Dude, did you see that bigfoot?!" "No it was just a Helga, though that's worse."

"Yes I was pregnant, but it turned out to be a Helga, so obviously we threw it into the woods."

"I used to be religious until I saw a Helga. No God would create that."

"Did you know that some Helgas knows how to talk?"
by Mågå January 13, 2022
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Of German lineage, Helga means strong, vibrant and determined. While historically "Helgas" have been large and bustly, those named Helga still living tend to be fun, attractive, punctual, fit and very smart.
You are so talented they must call you Helga.
by fschueller February 5, 2010
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An unusual name but a caring, funny, lovely, beautiful girl inside out. Never wants to disappoint people and always positive.
Person 1: Helga how are you honey?
Helga: I'm fine thanks
by helloimbob123 December 8, 2011
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A not so common girls name, most widespread in Nordic and Germanic countries. Derives from Old Norse "heilagr" meaning "holy, blessed".

The name has become somewhat a cliché, regarded by some with to many negative connotations. Partly becouse of the famous '70s and '80s porn star Helga Sveen, and the popularity of the name during Hitler's nazi-Germany.

A popular myth suggests the name is synonymous with an unattractive and/or unfeminine woman. Take a trip to Norway or Iceland, and you'll be proven wrong;-)
Man: "Kommst du Helga!?"
Helga: "Eh... What?"
Man: "Ooh, Helga!"
Helga: "Gah, I'm tired of hearing that. Go away!"
by Kvinne July 22, 2008
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Helga, a beautiful girl from either Iceland or Norway with a fine booty and boobs to kill for. Easily recognized by a cute smile and a lack of underwear. Can be salty and cranky as fuck but is a good girl on the inside.

Careful though, can't cook

Also became famous cause of Hey Arnold!
Man 1: Damn, look at that girl over there.
Man 2: Holy shit, that's pure wifey material.
Man 1: Yeah, a true Helga.
by PastaPesto December 5, 2017
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A Fat White Woman with a manly voice
Look at that helga eating all them donuts.
by figpop September 22, 2011
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