what a female turns into after consistently over tanning
man, did you see Tina the other day?

yeah, she's totally turned into a leather couch
by firegrime May 22, 2012
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noun. also known as LCD. it's the state of fatigue, or the feeling of being disoriented after sleeping on a leather couch.
guy #2: hey you want to go for a run?
guy #1: sorry bro, i got a bad case of Leather Couch Disease...

mom: chuck! i told you to unload the dishwater 30 minutes ago!
chuck: mom, when you told me that i was under the influence of some serious LCD.
by Brent Handles February 21, 2009
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When to go down on this chick and all I can see is that worn out red leather couch looking at
by Haha Gotem November 12, 2015
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sober AF. Have you ever seen a drunken leather couch? Didn't think so.
"We can make our own Tuesday parties! Shots for every NBCOT question you get right."
"I'd be sober as a leather couch, lets use cookies as incentives."
by jazzyj19 December 17, 2018
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