An extremely wierd/goony/nerdy individual
Look at that choon. Arthur's a straight choon.
by Dexthagodfather April 4, 2007
Major and groundbreaking Trance and House label, mostly re-selling major releases from a collection of smaller labels. Was the "go-to" label for years on the DJ circuit when afterhours, raves and nightclubs were a booming scene.
-"That track is absolutely incredible"
-"It's the latest release on Hooj Choons, by L.S.G"
by lushys December 3, 2009
"Choons" is the word "Tunes" in a British accent, to say a "choon" is "massive" means that you hold the song in high regard.
"Aye, these are some massive choons mate." Or, "Huuuge choon bruv."
by Choons October 23, 2017
An expression typically used by trance junkies, when they hear a decent track.

Sometimes it can be used in the ironic sense, and needn't be associated with a track of outstanding musical merit. For example, upon hearing 'Tiesto - Traffic', while hardly a work of genius, omg choon would still be an appropriate reaction, because,'s 'Traffic' innit.

See: OMG I DIE, omgtijs, etc.
<Armin van Buuren> That was new the new track from Push!!
<dave> omg choon!!
by Col July 26, 2004
A beat that will make you quiver and gurn after the drop. Can only be played after 11pm at the duttiest rave.
“Play that scary choon from the other day
“No it’s too early
by John-GangLyfe-Adams April 25, 2019
When u hav been smokin drugs and got propa high
Did u c her earlier she was propa chooned
by Cait July 22, 2004