Information to ponder on. Another phrase for “Food for thought” or “Something to chew on”
I told Jéfe I had some choon for your noggin after his near death experience
by CactusScott91 November 5, 2021
An accolade given to restaurants in Singapore famous around the world for their dim sum.
"Dude, did you know that the dim sum place across the street was just awarded a Swee Choon?"
"Yea man, I know!! I love the soup dumplings there!"
by chisipasta January 17, 2018
An Asian who hates being Asian and wishes they were white
“Look at that fine Asian over there”

“Bro she’s a choon

by N1gg4b4115 November 13, 2022
A derogatory term for a white man

Often used by boon
Boon1 : That choon hon has been starving us for days now
Boon2: What do you expect? He's just a dirty choon hon
by Chong Boon March 30, 2018