A song or any piece of music to which an individual assigns the highest level of merit but most usually an exclaimation upon hearing the song in public.
by Prophet Tenebrae February 26, 2004
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homophone of "tune(s)";
"tunes" pronounced in a dutch accent;
Great song;
Popularized by a popular trance composer/DJ Armin Van Buuren;
Eyy mate, u check out the latest choon from DJ Tiesto? It's such a good choon, I wanna lick my feet!
by Dino H. July 30, 2006
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when a song is so good, its no longer a tune, its a choon
"what a tune!"
"nah mate, its a choon"
by azamatiz October 17, 2009
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Song, tune; originally from reggae/dancehall culture, it has also been adopted by the drum & bass scene (which has been heavily influenced by Jamaican music).
'Tis a right wicked choon dat de selecta be playin'.
by Greenie December 11, 2003
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the phonetic spelling of 'tune' - it is uttered when you hear a song that you like.
*e.g. a bob marley song plays in the background

"Oh, man, dis is a choon!!!"
by anon702 August 31, 2007
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dj manic pumpin out dem wikkid choons
feelll da bassssse
by jms October 25, 2002
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"Hundred Mile High City" by OCS is a choon
by Anonymous October 25, 2002
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