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A song or any piece of music to which an individual assigns the highest level of merit but most usually an exclaimation upon hearing the song in public.
by Prophet Tenebrae February 26, 2004
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homophone of "tune(s)";
"tunes" pronounced in a dutch accent;
Great song;
Popularized by a popular trance composer/DJ Armin Van Buuren;
Eyy mate, u check out the latest choon from DJ Tiesto? It's such a good choon, I wanna lick my feet!
by Dino H. July 30, 2006
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Another word meaning, "music" or "tunes".
Often refers to computer-generated music (like the kind found in demo pograms) but can mean any type of music.
Those demos by Science 451, The Douche Crew, and Abyss have some awesome choons in them!

The new Anthrax album, "Worship Music" has some totally killer choons on it!
by Telephony August 23, 2012
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when a song is so good, its no longer a tune, its a choon
"what a tune!"
"nah mate, its a choon"
by azamatiz October 17, 2009
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A word used to replace the word 'song' and is sometimes used as a comment when the song is appreciated
Man this is a choon, let's pump this baby out to the max (referring to the playing at a high volume on an audio device, usually a car sterio)
by Fubby_Gibgib June 05, 2006
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Song, tune; originally from reggae/dancehall culture, it has also been adopted by the drum & bass scene (which has been heavily influenced by Jamaican music).
'Tis a right wicked choon dat de selecta be playin'.
by Greenie December 11, 2003
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