yeooooooooo that's a choon
by Yesladeoonff September 9, 2019
Thin strip of facial hair extending from bottom lip to underside of chin resembling the landing strip on a poon; chin + poon = choon
That gentleman has a sporting choon upon his face.
by Jessephani January 10, 2010
Synonymous with "Shit." Used to express distaste or poor quality.
"This burger lastes like choon." "Get your choony-ass car out of my driveway." "Plans are choon for this weekend."
by Korthos January 7, 2004
Slang for music, "tunes".
DJ Minty Freshhh back to his wickedest form, bangin' out those "Choons" like no tomora!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
Ferry's Punk is a total choon

omg ch000nage!

frostdude thinks Tiesto is a ch00nmaker. however, he is too much of a noob
by yafrao April 26, 2004
Choone means "Bargaining" or "Negotiation" in Persian. Iranians are famous for their negotiation skills. There is also a very popular website in Iran called, similar to craigslist and kijiji, where people can actually negotiate and bargain online before buying or selling their goods or services.
When you go shopping, make sure you choone real good to get some discount.
by maximoox March 9, 2010
Another word meaning, "music" or "tunes".
Often refers to computer-generated music (like the kind found in demo pograms) but can mean any type of music.
Those demos by Science 451, The Douche Crew, and Abyss have some awesome choons in them!

The new Anthrax album, "Worship Music" has some totally killer choons on it!
by Telephony August 23, 2012