A choon with a beat and rhythm that mimics that of Extra Terrestrial life, sometimes misinterpreted for a scary choon
“Oi play that banger mate”
“Nah not yet, that’s an alien choon, and will send you to the astral planes”
by John-GangLyfe-Adams April 25, 2019
Choon dawg- a choon dawg is a sweat pig of a whore. The kind of whore that tosses salads, tickles the balls and swallows the gravy.
by Dirtneck September 12, 2014
A piece of cloth or towel used to wipe up sweat produced from dancing to chilled and not so chilled choons, or to clean up a Cosby Sweater.
It was so hot in the club and everyone was sweating like swine from their ballistic moves. Fortunately, they had brought a trusty choon rag each to wipe their brow and stay cool.
by Shakespeare_I_aint March 20, 2015
An irritated or active bowel, often onset by the ingestion of asian food.
Last night I had chicken teriyaki and at 2am this morning I had Wai Choon Butt and punished the toilet for 2 hours.
by netstruc65 April 28, 2008
pronounced ra-fa-el by friends

ra-fael (the normal one) by some chers i think

known as : raf ching chong by zach ; smoothest sis by yihang ; confucious (i think) by kareena ; known by most as raf ; known by rafael to me. HM NICKNAME HORSE BY R1 PPL

hmm smort guy i need his brain cells can we have a brain cell donation drive sometime soon.... simps for : no one. at least two or more people simp for him , namely yihang and ᵐᵉ (JKJK) binge watches tons of anime. i ship u with ʸᶦʰᵃⁿᵍ . has high tolerance level (IK BC I CAN BE SOOOOOO ANNOYING SOMETIMES) eh likes shinobu , nejire hado n tamaki. he puts the pRo in pRo-crastination. chili jam.
rafael chong choon hou day on 28 jan
by eggfrairice November 19, 2020
One of the most talented smokers in Valorant (mainly because he can only play smokes in Valorant, anything else would mean throwing.) He is one handsome guy with a massive schlong! (Wow!) He is a bright and friendly man, who has a great future ahead of him. If you were to ever meet a GCK, please keep him in a jar and refrain from letting him interact with anyone outside for at least 5 years for the best results.
Man 1: Did you see GCK crash the ATV?
Man 2: I think that's a Goh Choon Kit (GCK) moment.
Man 1: Damn... must be a good smoker!
by bagelman62 May 30, 2022
An accolade given to restaurants in Singapore famous around the world for their dim sum.
"Dude, did you know that the dim sum place across the street was just awarded a Swee Choon?"
"Yea man, I know!! I love the soup dumplings there!"
by chisipasta January 17, 2018