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A physical, shaking motion, often exhibited while achieving climax during sexual activity.
"Right before you come, let me know so I can shove this shampoo bottle up your ass. You'll quiver"
by Lazarus Ciccone April 22, 2004
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a collection of surfboards of differant lengths and thicknesses so that the surfer in question can surf any type of wave with ease.
Donny's got a wicked good quiver going, 3 shortboards and an 11'ft longboard
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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A term used by skiers to refer to the collection of different skis that you own, allowing you to choose the best ones for the snow conditions. If you own a quiver of skis, you're probably a more serious and dedicated skier than if you own just one pair.
"My quiver includes Rossi carvers for the groomers and Atomic fatties for the powder, and I'm thinking of adding some all-mountain skis for those in-between days."
by segacs October 21, 2011
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One of the innerward folds that make up the sphincter.

Depending on your diet and BM Habits, you may piss off one of these little guys and they will retaliate by becoming Inflamed Hemorrhoids.

At this stage they are susceptible to pop, with little warning. Like a land mine these bad boys can go off at the drop of a dime or a loud fart, leading to severe bleeding and anal leakage. also, if not washed properly they are the main culprit of the common conditions known as
"Itchy Asshole"
and "Stink Finger".
Terry- " Tim! I took a shit and there was blood on the toilette paper!"

Tim- "You probably ruptured a Quiver! Thats going to take weeks to heal. "
by Houserman July 20, 2009
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When the arousal becomes so intense that the girl's bottom lip begins to quiver
I was hittin that shit so good the other day that bitch started to quiver like a mu fukka!
by Austeezy Spizzle Son September 16, 2007
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Big boobs that are barely big enough to fit in a toilet.
"WOW, look at the quivers on that girl!"
by The Big One March 26, 2005
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