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Modeliser's r dem fukin knobs who only go 4 models, which is kinda ironic because most of these people are ugly fukers and r livin in a complete fantasy world.
Girl: Hi u wana go out sometime?
Modeliser: Nah i only date models
Girls: Fuck u, u cock munchin, pussy likin, son of a bitch!!!
by Cait July 22, 2004
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1.) Someone who is new and asked a bunch of gay questions.
Alex: What is your OS? (Operating System)
Matt: MY OS is Microsoft Netscape Explorer!
Alex: OMFG you are such a N00ber *kicks matt*
by Cait May 05, 2004
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the woman who is awesomely scamoocahnana
blah blah schwing
wow how the fuck have you been sparklers!
by Cait March 09, 2004
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a deodorant that tobi vail wore, kurt cobain dated vail at the time he wrote the song. when vail and cobain were at his house kathleen hanna took a can of spray paint and wrote that "kurt smells like teen spirit", that vail had worn off on cobain. kathleen hanna was in the band bikini kill with vail.
by Cait December 08, 2003
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To get a casual "invite"

From "Yeah" -Usher
I was sitting alone at school, trying to get V-I, when my best girlfriend came up to me.
by Cait March 15, 2005
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When u hav been smokin drugs and got propa high
Did u c her earlier she was propa chooned
by Cait July 22, 2004
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