18 definitions by Cait

Yo, pass me the Popener
by Cait November 23, 2004
the woman who is awesomely scamoocahnana
blah blah schwing
wow how the fuck have you been sparklers!
by Cait March 9, 2004
To get a casual "invite"

From "Yeah" -Usher
I was sitting alone at school, trying to get V-I, when my best girlfriend came up to me.
by Cait March 16, 2005
my word to describe my feelings such as upset, saddness, dismay
person : "cait you are awful"
cait: "agh gnarff!"
by Cait April 8, 2004
Possessing a very high level of intelligence and a fragile ego.
The 2nr was sweet, the 1nr, not so much
by Cait November 11, 2003
1) Perfect
2) beautiful
3) Best Guitarist
4) original
5) sent from heaven
i *heart* jade...hes the only guy i wanna see in pink!
by Cait October 3, 2003
attraction derive from an individual's debate skills, no physical appearance
Though he was fugly he had won many national debate tournaments, so she had GDS for him
by Cait November 14, 2003