A phrase used to refer to the taste of the object in question.
by brbflyingcats November 11, 2010
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someone who is dissing my taste
she was a distaster, she didn't like the way I tasted and she dissed me
by JR-JG November 18, 2011
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something likable that you gradually develop aversion to
— Oh, your national anthem is so beautiful! Why don’t you like it?
— Heck, at school we were singing it everyday before classes for years. You know, when something’s been shoved down your throat for such a long time it inevitably becomes an acquired distaste.
— Sorry to hear that! Hope it’ll be a disquired distaste someday!

In her latest interview she disclosed that by her teens physical intimacy had become her acquired distaste due to traumatic childhood marred by domestic abuse.
by skripnigor November 27, 2021
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