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Matthew Shrine or complete faggot
God, Fish is *SO* gay!
by Ann January 3, 2005
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Ok Ok...That's enough of the Philadelphia bashing. I live in Northeast Philadelphia and it is beautiful.Its very friendly,clean etc.(Somerton,Chalfont,Morell)What about Old City? Is that not nice either? I think people just hear about the bad parts of a city and disregard all the good. I understand, since i live in the northeast, I do not know much about north Philly aka "badlands" but I know that is the home to some people that really are trying to get their lives together and really do take pride in the city. Also, maybe people don't understand that children can be born into insufficient households and they grow up in these neighborhood and learn that way of life. What do you expect? Come on people, the world is not perfect here. There will always be violence, drugs, uneducated people etc wherever you go. It's a viscious cycle but its real, and you can either cry and complain or live with it or stay out. I won't deny that it's not the best idea for me to go to north philly and hang on a corner being an 18 year old white girl from the NE, but i respect that. What about center city? It supplies thousands of people with great jobs. What about the universities that students from all over the country come to go to? Temple University being one of then STRAIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF NORTH PHILLY...and it's an amazing school. There is Drexel, LaSalle, University of Pennsylvania. We have some amazing museums, a zoo, and great shops in center city. The club life can be a good time too. Del ave and old city are the places to party! So don't listen to all of the negative, it's really a good time here! I promise!
There are some really beautiful hotels down in center city, great food, Penns Landing, every possible club, museums, schools, universities, the zoo, places to shop, 2 AWESOME new stadiums and really friendly people that still believe in the city! Good Times.
by Ann February 18, 2004
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The name of the wizard Gandalf's sword in Tolkein's Middle Earth
Gandalf slew the Balrog with slashes from Glamdring
by Ann December 23, 2003
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Used in disbelief and agreement

Replaces the common "fo' sho"
"Dirk's been fucking your mom"
"Fo' JESUS?!"

"This place is off the hook"
"Fo' Jesus."
by Ann December 25, 2004
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not to be confused with aye aye captain an Aye Aye is a lemer (funny looking monkey) Don't critisize me for knowing this its not my fault i was doomed to write a 5th grade animal report!
Dude 1~ look at that Aye Aye over there!
Dude 2~ we're in the mountains there isn't a sea anywhere near us or a bloody captain either!
Dude 1~ why do I even pretend you have a brain!
by Ann July 13, 2004
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A nomadic mammal with fangs and a large stinger. Origin in the south. Seen in Spring.
The Cherie Beast will mate with you and lay its eggs in your abdomen.
by Ann February 13, 2005
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Iggie is a shortened form of the name Igraine. Igraine was the mother of King Arthur according to Arthurian Legend.
by Ann October 4, 2003
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