a pidgin (slang) word commonly used in Hawaii to describe something that there is a lot of.
ho cuz, theres choke haoles at the beach today!

there was choke food at the banquet
by the808translator August 9, 2012
I was so choked my car got stolen, so i found the person who did it and pushed him into a wall, he was pretty choked.
by Missy May 14, 2003
To fuck so aggressively to the point at which you can barely breath
Dang, I just wanna get choked right now
by No one did it right October 30, 2020
I got her choking so good last night, probably almost killed her.
by Unknown Anonymous Female March 15, 2019
its were you eat a slug and it hates you so you make these stupid sounds and die. BOOM
Mum im choking on food again help me
by Llaayyllaa June 18, 2019
The inability to throw a pass within five yards of a receiver in a playoff game.
Andy Dalton loves choking in playoff situations.
by Fuckandydalton January 5, 2014
really angry, or speechless. usually means you're surprised and really upset/angry.
girl #1: whyd she do this to me.... im so choked
girl #2: she's a bitch, thats why
by asdfdasdf November 19, 2010