February 3 is when a true goddess/god was born,they can be a little crazy, if you know someone who was born on February 3 hold on to them don’t let them go.
Person1:when’s your birthday

Person2:February 3

Person 1:OMG can we be friends

Person2:yea why though
Person1:because your a goddess/god
by Teenforever October 19, 2019
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People born on this day are filled to the brim with the free-spirited quality of the Aquarius zodiac sign.

They may have some unusual habits. Some might even say they’re a little extra, but it just makes them even more memorable. They are good-humored and friends love them.

They are very good at what they do. One might say they are Michi. If they set their mind to it, they can accomplish anything.

Those born on this day have a strong and resolute nature. If one tries to sway them, they will more than likely fail.
Friend: Did you say you were born on February 3?
Me: Yeah, why?
Friend: I looked it up and it says you’re pretty Michi
Me: What’s that mean?
Friend: I guess I should look that one up too.
by SomethingSimple123 October 15, 2019
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The only Aquarians that you not only tolerate but need in your life are born on this day. They're highly favored and like to brush it off like it's no big deal. Super creative and opinionated, they just like to keep it to themselves. Get you one of these Aquas, and you'll always have someone you can trust.
My best friend is born on February 3rd... I can't really get enough of them?
by dadstealer January 28, 2021
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Boy 1: dude go ask out your crush
Boy 2: why?
Boy 1: It’s February 3
Boy 2: oh yeah
by Imma get LAzzYy February 3, 2020
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National English teacher day. If you feel like it say something nice to your favourite english teacher. It will lighten their day, so go on have some fun.
8Ba: letts say something nice
Its February 3, lets say they are the best teacher
by AidenGoth January 29, 2020
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February 3 is the day an unforgettable person was born.

They’re a emo weeb with short fluffy hair.

They’re also super gay for Kasidy.
Girl 1: Guess what day it is!
Girl 2: Oh yeah, isn’t it February 3?
Girl 1: Yessirrrrrrr~
Girl 2: How could anyone forget? It’s Caroline’s birthday!
by kinda gay, man December 12, 2021
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