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a feeling of ecstasy and delight, much to the affect of a brief orgasm. typically felt throughout the whole body and is brought upon by the touch of someone of the opposite sex. a combination of chills and shivers.
when you touch me like that, it gives me chivers.
by skankinjay January 25, 2008
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Someone who ditches the guys to hang w girls. Always trying to slide. Normally doesnt care who gets hurt in the process
I was chillin with my bro then he decided to be a chiver and dipped on me.

That guy is such a chive.
Why does he keep chiving
by Kam KoalaB April 23, 2017
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A modest bloke who is a gr8 fan of pies. Loves his dog, and everthin else in life.
A horny-rapist who hangs round 6th form college!!! Watch your back ppl!!!
by si November 18, 2003
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A fantastic group of people dedicated to alleviating the stress of an otherwise hectic day with daily afternoon randomness, sexy Chivettes, and the occasional motivational poster.
Hot girl: Wow, I feel so relaxed and comfortable around John.

Hot girl's friend: Yeah, he's one of those Chivers.
by Josh Mc. September 27, 2010
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Plural form of Chiver.
Also used to collectively label the loyal followers of, both Chivers and Chivettes.
While we were on vacation, we ran into a group of Chivers that lived there and showed us around town and took us out for an awesome night.
by SquishyFlint December 05, 2011
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