in the UK, after secondary school which finishes when one turns 16, one has the option of going to work or 6th form which is like a casual version of school with no uniform and one can choose ones classes. Also refered to as college which gets confusing for Americans who assume college means university which actually comes 2 years later
6th form is so much better than school because we can wear our own clothes and dont have to do shyte like poetry
by Evan4401 October 4, 2010
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Its like sex- take away the bed, your partner and the entire concept of love replaced with the feeling of distress and agony and old men and women waffling on about mitochondria being the power house of the cell.
oh boy I'm so going 6th form
by TeaGodHika October 10, 2019
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Norlington School for Boys — a wonderful school in East London. Best in the borough. Where the Headteacher is basically our father and only wants the best for us. Surrounded by a variety of teachers: smart ones like Mr Hafesji. Cool ones like Mr Todd and teachers who can’t teach like Mr Zlatkovski, funny ones like Ms Biney and helpful ones like Ms Meirings. A boys school with a mixed 6th form. With the best invigilator Mr Whymark. Norlington School for Boys — wisdom is strength.
Norlington School for Boys & 6th form is the best! Highly recommend it!
by Controversial Dripp April 25, 2020
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