up his ass
up her ass
meaning someone who is always on another persons case, like always together but even closer together, like 2 buddies hanging out, but one sayz y r u up my ass so much, or y r u up her ass so much...see get off my dick
invadeing one's space to much
being stuck together like glue, u might think of anal sex, but not this time...
i like being up everyones ass, but i hate when everyone is up my ass....
poparatzis r always up my ass...
my mother is always up my ass about homework...
girl: my bf is up my ass so much i bleed everytime he's up there!!!
by blthrskt December 19, 2005
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A phrase used when you dont know or care where somthing is when asked.
person1-"wheres the remote?"
person2-"up my ass"
by fredbloggs2345 November 17, 2007
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When someone makes no sense or you don’t understand what there saying
Her: So one day I was walking down the street in a forest.
Him: I’m done you just said dick up my ass
by Swrl fl January 03, 2019
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When somebody you know makes your business their business.
Shannon told my girlfriend that I went to a strip club; she's got her nose up my ass.
by MassNerder March 07, 2012
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An expression used in place of screw off,.
By the end of the night, Thomas had enough of the rude woman and proclaimed suddenly "Go dig up my ass, bitch!"
by KKZKKSKSKKSKSKSKK December 29, 2016
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