to be beaked, or insulted
Girl #1 : Yo momma's so fat when she jumped in the sky, she got stuck!

Crowd: ohhhhhhhh

Girl#2 : Oh man, I just got chirped!
by KILOGRAMJAM April 21, 2009
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This is what you are doing when you insult someone. You are chirping them.
Did you see Fabian chirping that guy about his mom?

Jane got chirped so badly.
by xXJessXx March 10, 2007
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to talk down, insult or straightout downgrade another persons capacity to live or perform an activity. commonly used on sporting fields, school yard bust ups, or between friends.
blacktown boy to hills opposition chirp: mate might aswell march your mother on the field, she would have a better chance of scoring
by d_tizzle May 24, 2009
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1. the act of excessively talking unnecessarily
2. the act of spewing shit from one's mouth
Bob: "Yo you're such a fucking fag!"
Joe: "Stop chirping..."
by theblackout09 June 03, 2011
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not only on boost mobile, like the morons down on here think, but with ANY nextel use the walkie talkie function
if anybody needs something u could jus CHIRP me
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Squealing the tires during a gear change. Mentions of this are extremely common in car and car-mod forums.

Past tense: chirped.

Chirping gears requires high-revving whilst doing the gear changes and can be done on all decent stock models (with manual transmissions) through first and second. Chirping third is reserved for sports cars, and chirping fourth is a rare occurrence. Note: this reduces the life of your clutch, but is a lot of fun.
I was chirping third at the track today!

Dude, I totally chirped fourth in my insert souped-up car today!!!
by Ben Linkewich March 28, 2008
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to boast; to brag; to put others down and talk oneself up in an arrogant way.
by Cameron March 05, 2005
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