a cell phone service with terrible service in all areas except major cities. a service with overpriced phones, overpriced plans, and oversized phones.
Hey check out my new nextel, i can't call anyone because i don't have service, i can't buy gas because i'm broke paying for it, but it is the size of a small dog and almost fits in my pocket.
by Senor Penis November 09, 2004
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When something fails to perform to expectations, or fails to function at all. Or, just plain sucks!
My phone is about to drop a call "Alex, hold on, my phone is nextellin". Look at that P O S car, it's so nextel.
by CHUCK7 August 23, 2006
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The businessman's phone.

Offers functional "tough phones," as opposed to the traditional "pretty and cute" phones.

Useless unless used by a businessman or professional. Useful for one who gets a lot of phone calls.
The boss carries a Nextel i930. His employee carries Tmobile Mp3 Razr Phone, with Bluetooth.
by sam111111 December 11, 2006
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One of the greatest cell phone service providers with some of the largest (eww) phones. Service features the popular "Direct Connect" which is very similar to the function of a walkie-talkie.
I got nextel.
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
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A cell phone company with extremely large phones, and overpriced plans. And the worst service coverage
by ashley April 02, 2005
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a fucked up cell phone company that totally destroys the point of having a cell fone witht he direct connect feature.
Why dont u just carry a walkie talkie around instead of using that god damn nextel
by d August 16, 2004
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A cell phone service that is completely and utterly pointless given that there are so many other better services out their. The phones roam EVERYWHERE, even your home area. The phone models are expensive, cumbersome, and have pointless features (why does a PHONE need a WALKY-TALKY in it?!). Typically purchased by people who cant afford a real phone and want people to hear their conversations everywhere because they always talk on the walky talky.
Phone: CHIRP!!!!!!
guy 1: Hey, waddup!?
guy 2, chirp: what? say that again, i cant hear!
guy 1: I said, "hey, waddup!?"
bird chirp: "call dropped"
girl 1: That is soooooo freakin annoying! If i wanted to hear birds chirping I would go outside!!!
girl 2: He's crazy if he thinks i'll go out with him with that nextel phone chirping like a cricket during our date
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
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