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A reference to drug-usage where snorting is the method of delivery, especially cocaine.
"Gary's acting like a prick." "Yeah, he's beaked." "Ah, that would explain why the bathroom mirror's missing!"
by Mirv August 14, 2007
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The process where one initiates a handshake and/or high five and the other party member acts as if they are going in for the same thing, but unexpectedly brings their fingers together to create a beak-like shape and hits the initiators palm with his fingertips, as if they are "pecking" the others palm of their hand. The giver of the beak then proclaims a statement about being "beaked" or "you got beaked". The receiver of this tends to be embarrassed and ashamed.
Person 1: "Hey man what's up?"
Person 2: "Nothing much." (goes in for high five)
Person 1: (goes in for high five)
Person 2: (at last second makes beak with hand and hits the palm of Person 1) "BEAKED!"
Person 1: (tries to laugh it off, but feels utterly ashamed)

by IRVEN October 07, 2008
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When a hot guy with a dead nerve ending in his lower lip on the right side gets hurt by a swan in the eye. There is major contact between the bird's beak and the hot guy's eye, resulting in a black eye that makes him look hot and tough.
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To be hit in the groin by the pointed nose of a skateboard during a failed trick attempt.
David's front foot slipped and he beaked himself.
by The Beaked March 18, 2011
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Angry, agitated, upset, totally pissed off. Derived from the phrase "Getting your Beak out of joint."
Dude, the wad was totally Beaked when you kicked him in the nutsack!
by Fez Monkey July 20, 2005
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