A reference to drug-usage where snorting is the method of delivery, especially cocaine.
"Gary's acting like a prick." "Yeah, he's beaked." "Ah, that would explain why the bathroom mirror's missing!"
by Mirv August 14, 2007
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To be hit in the groin by the pointed nose of a skateboard during a failed trick attempt.
David's front foot slipped and he beaked himself.
by The Beaked March 19, 2011
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Angry, agitated, upset, totally pissed off. Derived from the phrase "Getting your Beak out of joint."
Dude, the wad was totally Beaked when you kicked him in the nutsack!
by Fez Monkey July 20, 2005
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poachy smalls, or poshy. Depending on what her current name or iteration of said name is, but typically the beak is referring to poshticles who’s property of The Forbidden One.

The beak is often seen in the tik toks of old J or even his Instagram and has appeared in his videos as well, it’s best never to mention her or even disrespect her for June takes IT VERY SERIOUSLY and is overly protective of her.

As said in the bibble as revealed to the prophet “weinacus”

“No one goes to the beak except through me” juniorisms 6:65
The beak is part of the prince of chaos’ line of hierarchy and familiars

Poshticles (botched) is the beak

June is the beaks owner and dad, and although can be distant is usually closer than one can expect

The beak, a farm animal or young child that’s highly connected to Junior
by SavesomepU$$y4therestofUS January 28, 2022
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The verb & adverb tenses of Bekfast ; to defy odds, produce or procure both Beky or bekfast, operating outside the perceived bounds of human capacity.
Ex : “After I was given that 8-ball of snow on houseboats, I was beakking like crazy the entire weekend.” Ex 2 : “It’s 7am, picnic day, and I’m wasted, holy fuck I’m beakking so hard right now.”
by Tjaxel November 11, 2020
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To trash talk someone to their face and make them look like an idiot in front of other people.
I was beaking Adam so hard today that he didnt know what to do about it.
by D-FED November 26, 2009
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