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a way for niggas to communicate with each other.
*beep* yo son where u at?
*beep*da whole city behind us
by jamesgatz March 28, 2005
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A sigh that black people is starting to learn how to use TECHNOLOGY. BOOST MOBILE will one day take over the world by making millions and millions selling their product to white kids.
Nigga where you at?!

Nigga where you THINK im at?

Nigga how you work this phone?!

WHAT? I cant hear you?

I think its your signal!

Nigga wtf is a signal!

Boost Mobile sucks!
by Mr. T Stylez June 23, 2007
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Where you at?

Used to ask somebody where they are at. Its a reference to their slogan "Boost Mobile. Where you at?"

Commonly used in text messages or in phone conversations. Also used when talking shit when playing xbox, ps3, or any kind of game
Text from your mom: "Boost mobile"
Your response: ignore

Call to your bro
Bro: Hello
You: Boost mobile
Bro: Im like two minutes away. chill the fuck out

You just scored on FIFA '10:
by imunnasmackthisfool March 17, 2010
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In reference to the phone, a teamwork connection made by two people. Used in Ultimate Frisbee (or any other sport) to signify an amazing play between two players.
Yo brother, im going deep down field; hook me up with some boost mobile. Chirp!
by cmdtrigun March 27, 2007
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What poor, lower class people (and niggas from the ghetto) like to use because of the low monthly rate that is prepaid with no contracts and believe me you, ever tried getting people cut from the lowest of cloth to sign on to a 2 year contract? Their credit score is too low. And it is TOO LOW for a REASON.
Nigga: Bruh! Mayynnn, I forget to pay muh boost mobile bill. Dat aint cool yo... Fuck. Hey mayn, how much your phone bill is?
Me: (Straight to the point) Verizon. $110.00 Monthly. Additional $5.00 for WPS.
Nigga: Bruh, where u work at? lemme have a job there!
Me: (This Is GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN) I work at the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant. We are always hiring, please drive down there and talk with someone at the access portal and they might help you out
Nigga: 'Aight, I do that monday.... (looks at me like a chimpanzee staring blankly) LATER!
*Little he knows, ALL the jobs with open positions require a 6 year or higher degree relating to nuclear technology or a computer specialist. I'm not sure if he ever went, but if he did, he was in a world of hurt seeing 90% workers being white males with paygrades well over 60,000 yearly*
by Nuclear Tech Fanatic May 23, 2018
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