To ramble about something unnecessarily, irrelevantly or to fill conversation, which no one cares about.


A colloquial way of saying verbose — expressed in more words than necessary
Billy: Did you know Scott Morrison has the big gay?
Sam: That's all chirp.
Billy: What about how Malcolm Turnbull retired?
Sam: Stop chirping, no one cares.

Tom: We want the pig to have the wheat so he can grow big and strong like his parents and make us lots of big dollars from the pig slaughter place.
Julia: Chirp, chirp.
Julia: You mean, you want the pig to eat well so you can sell to the abattoir at a higher price.
by Zinnia Mona December 08, 2018
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When someone tries to be funny around a group of people and no one laughs. You can also get chirped even if you don't mean to be funny. This idea was taken from when comedians tell jokes and it is very silent so you hear the crickets chirping.
Sean: Dude! I just fucked 3 chicks yesterday....


Brett: Chirp, dude
by Manson55569 July 16, 2011
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English slang for someone you are flirting with over text or instant messaging.

Someone you are chirpsing with
Haley: Are you seeing anyone?
Emma: Got a few chirps
by abitigs July 16, 2015
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When someone randomly insults someone completely unprovoked.
G1: *says to G3* "let's leave rn so the teacher doesn't see how bad this is."
G2: *turns around to face them* "um I think she already does."
G4: "ohhhh you just got chirped!"
by Margaric February 12, 2015
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To chirp(s) a girl is too chat them up
you see that girl over there i'm gonna go and chirps to her
by P.Albone (Nox Noctics) October 06, 2003
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The real usage is derived from the walkie talkie feature on phones, but the meaning is broad and encompasses various facets of life.

Scheming on girls/guys: Yea, I have been chirping at her for a while but she won't let me hit it.
Doing stuff: I am way too busy, I will chirp at that later.
Nonsense: I don't give a chirp...She let me see her chirp....Chirptastic...
Basically your imagination is your limit
"Oh the one where I chirp down really hard and then smack you with my chirpies?! "
-Girl referring to a sexual move she does
by Trondaddy January 15, 2009
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A short squeal emitted from the tires when launching a car or changing gears.
"Dropped her ass off then I chirped out" - Ice Cube
"Yo Bro, I just chirped thrid gear in my Civic" - some ricer
by lammy May 23, 2004
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