One who enjoys the art of plugging away at something until they have succeeded against all the odds.
Steve is at the pub and spots a hot chick on the dance floor. He approaches her and askes her to come home with him and is denied. Feeling really down he goes off and gets her a triple burbon and coke and gets his mate to give it to her. She drinks it, and then he approaches her again. This time she throws her arms and legs around him and says yes, take me know handsome prince. Nice work chipper!!!
by C-Ali February 20, 2007
Coming to the chipper? I fancy a poke of chips.
by Greg8891 November 4, 2007
Somebody who is able to use heroin occasionally, for pleasure, without becoming dependent on it.
Arlo's just a chipper, but those guys he hangs out with are junkies.
by The Finer Definer June 2, 2003
someone who smokes a couple cigarettes a week who believe they are not addicted to nicotine
Tina: Obama's a chipper.
Sarah: You mean he uses a little heroin?!
Tina: Nah, he smokes cigarettes occasionally. Which proves he's not Jesus.
by Slumdog January 22, 2009
someone of the female variety who is an easy lay
"she'll screw anybody after a few bronsons"
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
oral sex involving an excessive use of teeth.

one who preforms such an act is known as a chipper
"look at the teeth on that one, i bet she's a chipper"
by Bottled Rage May 10, 2005