One who smokes cigarettes, but smokes less than the average smoker, and can manage to stay un-addicted.
Jared's mom is a chipper; she only smokes about 6 cigarettes per week.
by Paul Conroy April 17, 2007
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Feeling Exuberently Happy, but for a darker reason than pure happy-go-luckiness. . . or maybe your just British. . .
Murph: I'm feelin' real chipper today! I just stole a cookie and didn't get caught!
Laurie: Oh! A free cookie and no consequence! That'd make me Chipper Too!
Longfellow: I'm Chipper Too!
Murph and Laurie: Why?
Longfellow: I'm British! What do you expect?
by 13speakers November 27, 2009
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Chipper is a nickname for the most amazingly perfect girl that everyone loves! She’s a complete dork but that’s what most people love about her.
Hey! Chipper don’t be sad, your gonna be okay!
by Lil_thicy July 07, 2018
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An exceptionally small penis that resembles that wrinkly brown chip inevitably found at the bottom of your mcdonalds chips
Something the secret owner of a chipper might say to displace rumours about his own one inch wonder:
"haha look at him he's got a CHYYYYIIIIPPEEERRR!!!!"
by Gordons School May 29, 2008
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n. Person who sports a short-long (mullet) even though the 80's are long-gone. Also someone who hangs out in front of Becker's and acts dumb.
Hey, look at all those chippers in front of Becker's.
by Bollypoop January 08, 2004
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Another word for cocaine. Not sure of the history of the meaning, possibly to do with the amount of dust a wood "chipper" creates.

Most commonly heard in the streets of Jersey City, NJ.

Sometimes abbreviated to "chip"
"Alright lad, fancy some chipper tonight?"

"Oi geez, give your boy a ring; i fancy smashing some chip tonight at that drum n bass rave"
by B-Hound April 29, 2009
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