He was chirpy this morning, don't you think?
by Amanuet July 12, 2005
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referring sexual actions and/or alcoholic beverages
Dude, is there going to be any chirpy at the party?
by Eric Huber September 13, 2007
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is an adjective that is used to describe those who are fucking idiots, and are entirely oblivious to this fact. Especially pertaining to those who ramble on and on about things that are clearly only relevant or interesting to them. Therefore, everything that comes out of their mouth is comparable to that of a chirping bird or in other words, no need to listen.
jamey: "do you remember that totally ridiculous bro that was trying to talk to us at the bar last night?"

ken: "oh yeah dude,vaugely, he was chirpy as fuck."
by djscarysmoothe July 29, 2011
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A rare disease caused when a female has intercourse with a chicken, than proceeds to import the males anatomy (the penis) into a part of her body, this than exports the male seamen (jizzle). After entering the vaginal area the seamen combines with the chicken fertilization and forms together in the process of pregnancy. This has a 96.55% chance to cause the child to have the disease known as "Chirpies." Cherpies have many effects on children such as, outbreaks of chicken pox in your genital areas, urges to have gay butt sex, molesting little children, and beastality. Allthough there is no cure for cherpies you can prevent it before it happens by seeing your doctor if you suspect urges to have sex with chickens.
"Coreys mom fucked a chicken and thats why hes so messed up."

"Dougs mom fucked a hippo and thats why hes so damn fat." (This has nothing to do with chirpies, i just like making fun of doug)
by KidsWithMegaph0nes April 8, 2006
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I.e 'Morning Chirpy' Commonly abreviated to 'Chirps' for people you know well.
by Jerboa June 26, 2007
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When you chirp so hard you make the birds around you scared to chirp.
He chirpa chirpy too hard.
by DarthQuantum June 13, 2017
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A very cheerful student who makes a room all brightened up
Vannessa was a chirpy college student when she made everyone laugh
by tlaiynldoaruer May 13, 2017
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