to violently insert a blade into an opp
Bob: aye broski u ready to ching down opps?
Yung Jeff: yea fam ofc
by Poison xD December 14, 2019
Wheys ma fucking ching, cunty?
by J.L August 30, 2003
ching- scottish slang for cocaine (not crack)

As used in "Porno" (the book) by Irvine Welsh.
tha's mah fookin ching ya radge coont!
by Rabid Anarchist April 5, 2004
Diarrhea... bad diarrhea! Sometimes referred to as 'the ching.'
Diarrhea, ching-ching-ching... diarrhea, ching-ching-ching.
by theBLOB May 13, 2005
another word for cocaine

also named in various songs like ms jade n nelly furtado..."what about my bling bling bling what about my ching ching ching..what about all the money that uve sniffed up today!!" gunna get some ching for the rave at weekend...

or lets have a ching chang chong party...ching being cocaine, chang the beer and chong the weed!! let the good times roll!!

by raci+ September 27, 2007
If you like locking people's accounts and scamming, you're a ching.
I saw a ching today, let's make fun of him for doing that!
by ching scammer September 1, 2022
Slang for £5 (pounds), generally used in South London/South East England.


John: 'wahgwarn bro? you got that CHING?'

Dave: 'Nah fam, my nan didn't give man no pocket money.. i'll bell you next week tho'

John: 'wasteman'
by dannymishman December 2, 2016