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A term referring to something or someone thats dope or cool. It is most often used as an adjective but can also be used in place of somebodys name. It has gained popularity in the Chico area but is rapidly spreading. Can be used in conjunction with other words.
Example 1:

Yung Chris: Whaddup yung dante? The parties be yung tonight or what?
Yung Dante: Im on Ivy street mayne. Party im at isnt yung but I heard there is this yungass party on cherry. Bouta stunt on over. meet up.
by Yung Chris March 30, 2012
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A slang pronoun, originated in the DC metro area, used in place of someone's name
Used randomly or in mid-sentence
1. What's up yung
2. Yung, you missed Backyard last night they cranked!
by Get your mind right July 06, 2005
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Adjective; The thug version of youth.
Young life vs Yung life.

Young life: Someone that is young in age.
Yung life: Someone that has been through real life struggle at a young age.
by midnighthimawari December 18, 2013
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Literally, youth, young or youthful. However, "yung" has developed a numerous slang usages across the US, including:

1. Cool, thug, or "fresh", referring to a person, place or thing
2. Can be used as an amplifier word; i.e., it is used to bring emphasis to a phrase, particularly on the word it proceeds.

3. Similarly to (2), "yung" can also be used to indicate that the speaker/writer intends their sentence to be somewhat humorous.
1. "Bro! You come into some money? I see you got them yung Nikes!"
2. "Man I'm broke as hell. I need that yung paycheck."

3. "I been sick all week. Straight knockin on death's yung door."
by 1i11i3 February 09, 2017
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it means you are as ultimate bad ass as u can be. using ones name with the sacred word yung is to name them a legend or lowercase god.
"dem yung pirates fucking rule!!!"

"yung gus will be guap till he drop"

"he so trill he so yung he da boss"
by yung gus August 19, 2009
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A very unique and beautiful person, even though they usually are unaware of it, their face lights up the world of some who are lucky to see it and their beauty alone provides hope to some.
She was a Yung
by Cakes and tea May 22, 2016
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