A stereotype of the way that asian or oriental people speak, especially chinese. More than likely is offensive to practically all Asian people.
I can't stand that ching chang chong talk. What the hell is he freaking saying?
by ACL April 14, 2004
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"Ching chang chong" is most commonly a way to impersonate the Chinese but may also be used as a slang word for a man's dick.
"Gimme some dat ching chang chong"
by Can'een April 4, 2017
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You urban racists have nothing better to do than search ching chang chong on urban dictionary.
8 yo Immigrant: Hi (-_-)

8 yr : oh you're like one of those ching chang chong people aren't you?
by popinddhh May 28, 2020
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A Racist or Stereotypical reference on Asian race (More like on Chinese Kinds) or a Racist Asian Language that many people wont understand except the person who speaks it right
John: Hey Lee, tell me if I say something in your language. Ching Chang Chong

Lee:这是非常种族主义(That is very racist)
by Kittymustshio June 4, 2012
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Another name used for the game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. Commonly used in the UK.
"Hey do you want to play Ching Chang Chong?"
by Boot123 June 11, 2012
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Stereotypical imitation of the Chinese language, used by white people everywhere.
Black White Supremacist: Let's talk about Chinese people... with their Ching chang chong talk... I can't understand you! Go back to your country! White power!
by Naggers10 August 17, 2017
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Yo Sam do speak Chinese? Oh yea Ching Chang Chong ( with Chinese accent)
by SEXY MAN LIKE BRIAN SIREGAR November 23, 2018
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