Another way to pronounce CUNT. More commonly used to describe someone who is being a cunt.
"Will you please stop acting like a coont!"
by Rekk55 July 18, 2003
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Coont is another way to say/another way to spell "Cunt"

IDubbbzTV uses this word often in his gay retard accent (it's kinda like a Italian accent)
joji: "you know, sometimes bowser isn't such a bad guy!"
ian(idubbbz): "nO BOWSER iS a cOONt"
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A coont is another word for a coochie
She stank she should go wash her coont
by Mizz.TashaF April 7, 2008
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coon - Very Ofensive Term for a black person
cunt - a very dirty word for a vagina :0

put both together you get
coont = a black pussy
Jihan - I fucked her in the ass man!
Spic - Dude, your a dirty Coont
by Mr.Anderson September 22, 2005
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someone who doesn’t like the way that someone has sex
bro how are you such a coont just let me do what i need to do.
by xx_yungtrappalappa_xx April 3, 2022
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What is sounds like when one of the Beatles says the word, "cunt".
That, Hitler was a real coont, wasn't he?
by Smitty Rules October 30, 2012
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