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chillin and relaxin
"wut u doin??"
by Stephen June 06, 2003
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a mix of chillin and and relaxin hoe was chilaxin with my money so i had to smack the bitch.

2. me and da crew was chilaxin at the crib
by datnigajcole January 24, 2005
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The act of relaxing and being clam at the same time.

John: What you doinโ€™?

Mark: Iโ€™m Chilaxin'

relax chilling resting Idol Stationary
by Frank33 March 04, 2007
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I'm fucked up on some shit right now, but don't want to tell you what!
Friend calls:

ring ring: Hey, what's up?
me: nada, just chilaxin!
by chilaxin August 13, 2004
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My word...To chill and relax...A word I use and me only
Me: Hey, wanna chilax at my house?
Friend: Sure, chilaxin sound fun
Me: Hey, only I can say chilax *smacks the bitch*
by Sean MickeyC February 12, 2006
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