In general, anything that is great, helpful, or unexpectedly awesome.

Nifty can be used in many different contexts.

Nifty is a great describing word and will soon be used by the entire population. Wouldnt that be nifty?
My, isn't that a nifty pen?
Wow! look at what my niftypen can do!
She probalby has a lot of nifty knowledge rattling around in her ol' noggin!
I printed off the page for you as it has some nifty studying tips on it.

still confused?
take a trip to see your math teacher; they love nifty.
by obama.91 March 22, 2010
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awesome, cool. also see spiffy.
My shoes are so nifty.
by Meredith October 20, 2004
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Man, who has high IQ, however in real life isnt even able to cook eggs for breakfast. He usually fucks up everything and needs to argue with everyone because he thinks that he knows more about the thing.
Omg you a nifty, you fucked it up again.
Dont be a nifty.
by Saharaontop May 2, 2022
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An overused adjective to describe something someone finds interesting. Often used by people with a limited vocabulary.
Person 1: Is that a FLYING elephant on a unicycle!? That is sooooooo nifty!
Person 2: ...Get the fuck away from me.
by Lord Bologna March 12, 2010
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really very sexy, wonderfull, exciting, or stupendous
"The new _______ CD came out!"
by ari shows her o face September 14, 2005
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Verb: describes an experience that was lame to totally awesome
Lame: That was.....nifty?
Awesome: OMG! That music video was so nifty!
by nicklebackqueen August 19, 2008
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"How much to heathrow mate."

"bout a nifty mate"
by skatatoulas February 15, 2012
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