1. a tough guy, a superstar. Basically used to refer either ironically or jokingly to one of your boys. 2. Alternately may be used to refer to a guy whose name you forgot.
1. "Hey chieftain, are we going to the game saturday or what?" 2. guy: "Larry, hey, remember, we met at that wedding last summer?!" you: hey chieftain, good to see you. Let's catch up soon."
by newyorker April 5, 2006
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Similar to a blumpkin, but with the wonderful addition of weed. A chieftain is when you are getting your dick sucked while taking a shit and taking a bong toke.
Dude I totally got a chieftain from this stripper last night. I one uped Tucker Max fer sure
by halfstack2x46 January 11, 2011
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Think about holding the blunt for an extended period of time beyond the first and second exhale. A member of chief mode.
"Stop chiefing"
"Are you comfortable, chief?"
by Jordan March 10, 2005
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A white person who pretends to be Native American
directed towards your friend who is wearing moccasins: "Nice shoes, chieftain"
by anthony bachner April 9, 2008
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to create a glorious poo of monsterous proportions, a poo that websites can be created for!
"man, now thats a chieftain"
by BotswanaBill May 16, 2004
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A condition in which a male is seated in a chair with his legs spread slightly apart, such that his pants are stretched tight around his crotch and the profile of his testicles, as split by the pants seam, is very visible.

Male version of 'camel toe'.
Man, you've got a huge chieftain going there!
by Crotchrocket April 15, 2009
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