1: ~verb~ To smoke something vigorously
Ex: He was chiefing on my tank.
Ex:Bruh, he's chiefing the fuck out of that blunt!
by johnnyboy9er9er November 16, 2019
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1.) Verb. To smoke some marijuana, it does not matter amount, variety, or what you smoke out of

2.) Adj. When a bowl or bong pack of marijuana is burning and does not need to be lit again to obtain another hit it is "chiefing"
1.) Whattup man, you trying to come up to my house and chief a few blunts?

2.) Don't light that pipe up dog, just hit it that shit's cheifing.
by Dankster February 22, 2005
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to use something excessively.

to take advantage of others' possessions.
Alex: Hi (3 pm)

Arkesh: Hi (8pm)
Alex: You replied so late, stop chiefing my time please.
by launyte April 1, 2023
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To draw on someones face when they are passed out after drinking
by John November 24, 2003
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Too smoke with another person too be head of the smoking product @ that time even if you pass the product back..
whats up let me chief that black with you..chiefing is what the hell i need...
by regardless devon victory January 24, 2009
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