Sweetest form of shoes known to man
Holy shit, eric just cut his moccasins in pics basement. He'll get laid wearin those!
by Eric March 22, 2003
A form of shoe that Ally Hilfiger would not allow her husband to wear ever.
Take those ugly moccasins off your feet.
by Megs December 13, 2003
Shoes for Indian wannabes. If you're not Native American, don't wear the shoes. UGLIEST SHOES U COULD EVER FIND!ONLY GAY GUYS WEAR THEM!
Danny- "Hey, look at my cool new moccasins! Aren't they so fab?!?"

Me- "Hell no! Why the hell would you wear those? Are you gay?!?"
by Danny December 28, 2005
The most comfortable type of shoe known to man. Feels like a little cuddly bear giving your feet a nice warm hug.
Guy 1: Dude! Check out my new moccasins!

Guy 2: Aw sweet! Moccasins are so comfortable!
by mikemccola October 18, 2011
1. A soft leather slipper traditionally worn by certain Native American peoples.

2. Footwear resembling slippers
Oh my new deer-skin moccasins are so comfortable!
by Salchite March 7, 2005
The tradition of wearing your Moccasin shoes every Monday.
Ryan: Oh gosh it's Monday tomorrow.
Mitch: Yea, but it's also Moccasin Monday! YAY!
by Flaming Ostrich March 8, 2011
A vagina engulfed in ungroomed pubic hair.
I was going to go down on this girl, but she had a massive sloth moccasin.

Her sloth moccasin looked like Charlie Daniels screaming.
by Dr. Slippy &The Trouser Snakes January 24, 2010