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Chicken Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of chickens and is creamy in texture. It is the primary source of nutrition for young chicks before they are able to digest other types of food. Early-lactation chicken milk contains colostrum, which carries the hen's antibodies to the chick and can reduce the risk of many diseases in the chick. It also contains many other nutrients and can be consumed by humans.
I just milked a chicken, but the darn thing flew away before I could collect enough chicken milk.
by hooyogaalha December 27, 2014
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an opaque beige fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female chickens for the nourishment of their young. Only one breed of chicken secretes milk, they can be found in Yeagertown, Pennsylvania. Locals have been drinking chicken milk for years, but it is a well kept secret because the bird is so rare. If you travel to yeagertown the locals will deny this legend, they will even pass it off ass a complete farce.
can I please have a glass of chicken milk?
by poppasquat October 29, 2013
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The milk that comes out of your friends nipples after he refuses to complete the dare or challenge you put him up to
Steve had chicken milk on his shirt after refusing to suck my balls!
by NATE AND SCOTT October 18, 2007
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A white nutritious substance produced from mammary glands of lactating female poultry, enabling hens to nurse young chicks unable yet to consume whole foods as nourishment. Chicken milk may also be manually extracted through the teats of chickens for human consumption. This is a low-fat and acceptable alternative to those who may be unable to consume other variants of milk such as but not limited to: almond, soy, goat, or cow milk. While agriculturally, chicken dairy is a multi-billion dollar industry, milking chickens can be labor intensive, and frustrating, due to the bird's multitude of feathers, sharp beak and claws, bitchy hormonal disposition, and of course, teeny-tiny nipples.
"If cow's milk is too rich, just try low-fat and delicious chicken milk!"

"No swiss on my burger please, throw some chicken cheese on there."
by kitty907 March 18, 2017
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